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To fill your WaterPORT, attach a Standard Garden Hose (1) to your Pressure Regulator/Shut off Valve (2). Attach your pressure regulator into the Quick Release Coupler (3). Open the Shut Off Valve (2) to the open position. Fill tank until Pressure Regulator/Shut off Valve (2) automatically shuts off. Attach your 6ft WaterPORT hose into the Quick Release Coupler (3) and begin use. Note: When traveling to higher elevations, drain at least a quart of water from a full tank to allow room for expansion.



STEP 1. Select mounting location

Your WaterPORT portable water supply requires a mounting area 33” long on the frame of your vehicle, with no protrusions greater then 3/4”. The WaterPORT is most conveniently positioned on the passenger side.

STEP 2. Attach tank to the frame with Mounting Straps

Place the Mounting Straps (1) and the Bolts (2) over the upper flange of the vehicle frame leaving approximately ½” of thread past the ends of the nylon self-locking nuts. Place the Tank (3) with the indented pads against the frame, wrap the straps (starting with the top Strap) around the tank into the groves and attach the bottom bolts to the Universal Bracket (4). Now tighten the Nylon Sleeved Nuts over the ends of the threads, until tank is securely fastened to the frame. Make sure there is no movement and all bolts are fully fastened.


  1. Slide in both rail T-Slot nuts to your bed rail
  2. Connect both 3/8” bolts to each T-Slot
  3. Tighten both 3/8” Wing Nuts to the front of your bracket until Secure